Gurmi and Lhakpha's work has defined and uplifted the landscape of our home. Their innate understanding of the stonework form and steady intuitive approach has produced much beauty. They bring a special quality of presence to their creative work. Being around them is always a pleasure!

Barbara Bash and Steve Gorn

Gurmi and Lhakpa are superb artisans that have co-designed and built some of the best traditional dry-laid stone landscaping work that I have seen in our region since I began doing design residences here 23 years ago. They bring the highest level of skill and professional attention to their work, and their installations will all last for generations. I have enjoyed collaborating with them both on many projects. Every client that we have shared has been happy with their results. And their competence has expanded my sense of what is possible within this proud local tradition of Hudson Valley stone masonry.

Peter Reynolds, Senior Designer
North River Architecture and Planning